Stories By Karen Throop

Marty knew me before I knew him.  In 2003 a man walked over, gave me a hug while saying, “Hi Karen.”   I looked confused, because I was, and he said, “You are Bob’s wife, aren’t you.”  “Yes,” I said. “I’m Marty Ruberry.” I recognized the name immediately because my Bob had told me theContinue reading “Stories By Karen Throop”

Stories by Jim Williams

Before my story, I have to a comment about Marty and Mary. Although they reached the pinnacle of success in this land of opportunity ordained by God, they remained some of the most humbly people I knew/know. They remembered where they came from and they both gave/give back to causes and relationships with a humbleContinue reading “Stories by Jim Williams”

Stories By Myrna Kelly

Marty and I met in college, a school in western Illinois small enough that you would recognize most people, but Everybody knew Marty.  I would see this outgoing, charming guy hanging out at my sorority house almost every day, just wanting to talk with someone while he waited for Jane, the girl who lived nextContinue reading “Stories By Myrna Kelly”

Stories By David Glickman

I think all of you know that Marty came to California from Chicago. I did too.  Growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s in Mayor Daley’s Chicago, we all learned many important lessons as children. We learned that the man’s first name was actually Mayor, and Richard J was his middle name. We learned thatContinue reading “Stories By David Glickman”

Stories By Larry Copponi

Marty and I met in 1989 when I moved from Boston to the Bay Area. Coincidentally I met both Dave House, Mike Aymar and Marty in the shower. We all worked out at Supreme Court on Mathilda in Sunnyvale. No of us really knew what everyone did from a work standpoint but we were bonded byContinue reading “Stories By Larry Copponi”

Stories By Joe Iffla

My first introduction to Marty was the 1989 Green Tee Invitational. My good friend Roy Christensen and I were members of Green Hills CC. Roy invited his boss at Black Mountain Water Co. You guessed it! MARTY, was his guest. On the first day Roy, Marty, my guest Jim Moblad and I played. We hadContinue reading “Stories By Joe Iffla”