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3 thoughts on “Slideshow

  1. The slideshow was wonderful to watch. It was nice to see pictures of Marty, Mary and all of there friends. Many of them I knew from Sharon. By the way, a fellow by the name of Bob Wilson worked with Marty at the Sunnyvale recreation department many years ago and Marty and Bob were best friends early on. The reason I know this is I used to take guitar instruction from Bob Wilson’s son Mark.

  2. What a beautiful video of Marty’s life. It ended too quickly just as his life did. But as the saying goes, it’s not how much time you spend on this earth that matters but rather HOW you spend the time you’re given. And Marty certainly did live a full life, an enjoyable life, and a life always surrounded by close family and friends. And yes, Dave, Marty always made me feel as though I was his best friend! From the days at Sharon through MPCC. And I’ll be calling on his help again to help me get accepted as a member of Heavenly Gates CC! We miss you, Marty. And we love and are here for you, Mary.

    1. Great tour of Marty’s life and family. Marty was truly unforgettable and leaves a lot of friends who remember his generosity and spirit. He always made me feel included! Played last with Marty at the Plantation in the Desert. I am glad that there will not be a two fairway rule in heaven. Jim Garrison

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