Stories By Mike Staskus

There was nothing like the Oak Leaf tournament when Marty was President and would bring the Cal/Stanford bands to the afternoon horse race with all the guys playing, and Jimmy Yamada would be cooking chicken wings with hot Sake on first green and everyone was drinking the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai’s from the cocktail cart with cigars.  I mean there was nothing like that before or ever since and Marty organized the whole deal every year.  That was a big part of Sharon for everybody along with everything else he did up there.

Mike Staskus

One thought on “Stories By Mike Staskus

  1. Great memory Mike. Bob Paul and I won one of those alcohol fueled Stanford band assisted shoot outs. We were so nervous that we forgot to bet on ourselves. I noticed that there was bit of strategy coaching by Fred Streble as this was a true alternate shot. Fred seemed to know what score would advance on each hole and advise accordingly so I would hit the tee shot as much as possible. I recall the last putt with a crowd along my line like a crap game! Of course, Fred had a big bet on us. Only Marty could have organized such fun. My life is richer for having known him

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