Stories By Cheryl Wamsley

Marty was one in a million and some of my best memories are times spent in the company of Marty, et al.  Jerry and I had lived in the bay area for about 2 years and had gotten involved with a Raychem Stanford tail gate group.  It was while attending an away game at Berkeley with that gang (along with thousands of other people) that someone from way down the way tapped me on my shoulder to tell me that someone from the way other end knew the person sitting next to me.  Of course, it was Jerry.  When he looked towards the other end of the stadium, who should he see but his college classmates: Marty Ruberry and Mike Kelly.  Thus began a renewed and memorable friendship that brought us a plethora of new friends.  I’ve never known, nor will I likely ever know, another soul whose personality was larger than life!  You captured the essence of this special man in your heartfelt tribute.  To know Marty was to experience a man who was blessed with the gift of matchmaking human beings to other human beings.  He was a much loved character and I can only hope that he and his buddy, Jerry, are busy gathering other heavenly souls together for more fun than God ever imagined.

Cheryl Wamsley

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