Stories By Chris Lee

I knew Marty for nearly 50 years.  From our regular Sunday round of golf (Marty and I against Gene and Mike), to the putting contests afterwards, to a finishing touch of playing liars dice at The Grog.  Marty was bigger than life, a friend when you needed one and a wingman to navigate life’s journey. Continue reading “Stories By Chris Lee”

Stories By Roy Christensen

Marty was a great boss and an even better friend.  He had a huge impact on my life, and was truly a blessing to me. In 1987, I was running Zephyrhills Bottled Water in Florida.  The bottled water business was growing rapidly, and several major companies were making offers to buy Zephyrhills.  The company soldContinue reading “Stories By Roy Christensen”

Stories By Gene Rogers

I met Marty in 1973.  He was one of three “Recreation Supervisor” managers working for the City of Sunnyvale. Among other things, he was responsible for the programming of several of Sunnyvale’s parks and recreation facilities.  I was in my senior year at SJSU, majoring in Recreation and Leisure Studies (seriously), I had to haveContinue reading “Stories By Gene Rogers”

Stories By Tom Williams

When I create characters for my books, I look for positive and negative traits. When I created Dave Hartmann, the Cottage Bar manager, I recalled the unique idiosyncrasy Marty possessed – his uncanny ability to recall a person’s first name regardless of which decade Marty met them. I picked up Marty’s peculiar asset and incorporatedContinue reading “Stories By Tom Williams”

Stories By Gordy Taylor

Watched the slide show last night and you captured the “essence” of an original. Marty was a person none of us will forget and he both enriched and entertained us every time we were with him. I once mentioned casually to him that my boys were big Larry Bird fans. A few days later 4Continue reading “Stories By Gordy Taylor”

Stories By David Vivolo

Mr. Ruberry, What An Unbelievable Person! Mr. Ruberry was someone I respected, enjoyed immensely and learned a mammoth amount of insider information from. He taught me a multitude of ways on how to maneuver around such a prestigious country club as M.P.CC. He treated everyone with respect. He made it a point to get toContinue reading “Stories By David Vivolo”

Stories By Ron Comm

My memories of Marty started over 50 years ago when i moved to a small dorm in Macomb at WIU.  As I think back my early memories involved his tremendous athletic talents. I had decided to quit the football team the previous semester and Marty who became the king of intramural athletics at WIU did notContinue reading “Stories By Ron Comm”

Stories By Mike Staskus

There was nothing like the Oak Leaf tournament when Marty was President and would bring the Cal/Stanford bands to the afternoon horse race with all the guys playing, and Jimmy Yamada would be cooking chicken wings with hot Sake on first green and everyone was drinking the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai’s from the cocktail cart with cigars.Continue reading “Stories By Mike Staskus”