Stories By Tom Williams

When I create characters for my books, I look for positive and negative traits. When I created Dave Hartmann, the Cottage Bar manager, I recalled the unique idiosyncrasy Marty possessed – his uncanny ability to recall a person’s first name regardless of which decade Marty met them. I picked up Marty’s peculiar asset and incorporated it in my latest novel. Below is the quote.

“Marcie knew little about owning and managing a bar. Fortunately, she hired a laid-off bartender named Dave Hartmann with 50 years of experience. When Marcie queried Dave’s references, they were glowing. They praised Dave’s extensive knowledge of mixing drinks, exceptional customer service skills, cleanliness, attentiveness, money-handling skills, efficiency, an independent self-starting style, and calmness in handling unusual situations. Dave had one more unique quality, his keen memory. Not only would he remember a regular customer’s drink of choice, but he would easily recall their first names without hesitation. Now in his 70’s, Dave was an imposing figure at 6’ 2” and weighing 250 pounds. He could easily substitute as a bouncer. However, his biggest asset was his gift of tact that disarmed anyone and everyone who came into contact with him.”

I was fortunate to know him. He will be missed by everyone with a first name.

Tom Williams

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