Stories By Mark Posson

I had the pleasure of meeting Marty in 1987 when I began working at Lockheed in Sunnyvale. We were part of a group of guys who played racquetball in the morning. Marty would later joke that we were a bunch of guys who would see each other every day but didn’t know what we did for a living, or care. In the days before email, we’d set up our games by telephone calls [if you can remember back that far] so we all had a chance to make a person connection off the court as well.

Marty was always one with sage advice. When I first started at Lockheed, I was lamenting about having only 2 weeks of vacation, coming from a job where I had 4 weeks.  Marty, in his inevitable style, said “Mark, that’s easy. Just take 2 weeks without pay and work 2 weeks longer before you retire” .  Marty had a simple solution to everything—so that’s what I did!

Marty and I lost touch after he moved to Pebble Beach full time. We reconnected when we moved to Pebble Beach, living just a few blocks away. It was just like old times. We had a chance to get on the links, both at MPCC and Bayonet.  As ‘The Mayor’, he introduced me to many of my neighbors I hadn’t met. Our relationship grew deeper. We learned we had even greater connections than we knew, like St. Barnabas—the same parish names, just different cities.

I was fortunate to visit Marty several times after he became ill.  We talked about old times, current events and what lay ahead. I’ll miss those chats and hopeful that they lifted Marty’s spirits.

Marty was a very giving friend and will be greatly missed by all.

To Mary and the whole Ruberry clan, my deepest condolences and thank you for sharing Marty with all of us.

Mark Posson

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