Stories By Chris Lee

I knew Marty for nearly 50 years.  From our regular Sunday round of golf (Marty and I against Gene and Mike), to the putting contests afterwards, to a finishing touch of playing liars dice at The Grog.  Marty was bigger than life, a friend when you needed one and a wingman to navigate life’s journey. 

Marty introduced me to my wife, Liz in 1975.  A close friend and an even better partner to enjoy what surprises were around the corner. Someone who you could count on and a friend who you could trust…knowing that Marty always had your best interests in mind.  Marty was a network before networks were popular, a collaborator before that became cool and a leader when one was needed.  Marty didn’t just enjoy life…he lived life to the fullest.  He “took the road less traveled and it made all the difference.” 

It was great to be a part of the multiple lives of Marty…from Illinois to Sunnyvale to Monterey…he left no stone unturned and no “what’s next” unexplored.  The proverbial child in an adult’s body, Marty loved the pursuit, relished the adventure and cherished the memories.  Marty “had promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”  The world lost a great person…but his impact on all of our lives will live forever.  Marty is not gone, he is just waiting for us to catch up and join him on God’s 18…sipping a Cuba Libre with Arnie Palmer and Sam Snead, playing dice with Wyatt Earp and Bugsy Siegel and asking Galileo why he invented a clock when time is immortal. 

For Marty there was never enough time in the days or months to do everything…but for Marty it was worth try.  While we all miss Marty…he has touched all of our lives in ways that will be cherished forever.  Donec iterum convenient…

Chris Lee

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