Stories By Joe Iffla

My first introduction to Marty was the 1989 Green Tee Invitational. My good friend Roy Christensen and I were members of Green Hills CC. Roy invited his boss at Black Mountain Water Co. You guessed it! MARTY, was his guest. On the first day Roy, Marty, my guest Jim Moblad and I played. We had a good time playing and after lunch and a couple of refreshments from the bar, Marty thought we might enjoy a little more golf. So off we went. First hole, Marty thought we should play the hole for $5.00. Jim and I won the first hole. Second hole, Marty suggested we play the hole for $10.00. We won that hole as well & you can probably guess where this is going.  After a few more holes my friend Jim asked me how long I thought this was going to continue. I went up to Roy and relayed Jim’s question. Roy didn’t consult Marty; he just said one of two things was going to happen. One was that Marty might run out of money. The second was it might get too dark to continue. Roy followed that by saying, “you guys better pray for darkness.”

As it turned out we lost the next hole, to the relief of all parties concerned. We went back to the clubhouse for a final final and a lot of laughs.

For years Jim and I laughed about that day and all the fun we had.

The Moral of the story is, if you are going to be with Marty, you better be ready to have fun.

Over the years Marty and I became friends, playing a lot of golf and socializing. You can look a long time and you won’t meet a guy as genuine as Marty.

I’m going to miss my dear friend Marty.

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