Marty Stories by Danny Ruberry

My grandmother Edith Joyce was a widower. She had two children, a son who was sent to military school and a daughter who became my mother. Edith was a very strict and a prim and proper lady. Her house was always very quiet and everything that was in it was in its place. Grandma decided to take her 7-year-old twin grandContinue reading “Marty Stories by Danny Ruberry”

Marty Ruberry…The Sharon Heights Years. By Bob Paul

Act I Introductions: Mike Aymar Bob Paul We should begin these stories under the disclosure: “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!” As Mike and I began to sit down, we realized that this is the middle of the month of March, and this is a past memorable month for a Marty Ruberry Birthday party.  NowContinue reading “Marty Ruberry…The Sharon Heights Years. By Bob Paul”

Stories By Mike Aymar

Act 1 I met Marty in the late 70’s or early 80’s.  We all played racquetball at the Supreme Court in Sunnyvale. Marty and his buddies from Sunnyvale Parks and Rec, myself and buddies from Intel (including Dave House), and a few others.  We played at 6am, because it was off prime time, so cheap. Continue reading “Stories By Mike Aymar”

Stories By Mike Kelly

Since our families lived in Illinois, we spent holidays and vacations together in California. Some great memories were created and forever attached to memory. Growing up in Chicago you learn … and funny ways to travel.   Free parking means pulling into a nice restaurant in the city and pulling up to valet , smiling andContinue reading “Stories By Mike Kelly”