Stories by Jim Williams

Before my story, I have to a comment about Marty and Mary. Although they reached the pinnacle of success in this land of opportunity ordained by God, they remained some of the most humbly people I knew/know. They remembered where they came from and they both gave/give back to causes and relationships with a humble heart.

 I do not know if this story is uniquely mine or if I fit a profile that prompted Marty to grace this on me with others but here we go!

 I unfortunately, give my own commentary often after hitting a golf shot. The comments go both ways good and bad. Marty invoked the 30 second no comment rule on me following any shot I hit.  He tried to teach me his axiom, “All we want to hear if we say good shot is, Thank you”, particularly if the shot I just hit appears to be well struck but I have to ruin their assessment with my own critique. Sadly, I am still in training and I will miss Marty’s reminder.

Jim Williams

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