Stories By Chris Callero

– In ~ 2000, we met at a dinner at Morton’s in SF during The Olympic Club Invitational – Marty was a guest of a good friend of mine. At the time, I lived in my hometown of SF and had a 2nd home in Carmel. Over the dinner (~ 2 bottles of wine per capita), I told Marty I was a member of Tehama Golf Club. Marty said I should join MPCC, just email him and he would sponsor me., I said great. The next day I emailed Marty, He went to his OC partner and said “I got this email from Chris, who is this guy?”. He guided it through the process of course. Marty hosted me at Sharon Heights where in one day I met 30 members. Marty rode the fine line of staying within the 2 fairway rule.

– In 2002, I took a job in Orange County and moved. Over the nearly 20 years, , Marty made me feel like I knew at least 25 of his good friends even though we never met. He made up for this by introducing me to least 25 others who turned out to be great guys. I swear the network effect was popularized by Marty, not technologists.

– A few years later, Marty invited Missy, my wife, and I to join he and Mary at their home for a New Years Eve pre-party prior to going to the MPCC party. He said there would be 3-4 couples there. I recall Tom Jones being there. However Bill and Geri Walsh were there too. What a treat for a guy, like me, who started as a member of the Kezar Stadium  “ Christopher Milk Junior 49er Club in 1957” . I couldn’t thank Coach Walsh enough for the difference he made to the fans by virtue of what he built and achieved. We had previously suffered, big-time!  He couldn’t have been more engaging and humble. Afterwards, Marty just smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said, I thought you would enjoy meeting Bill. So understated.

– Marty was the switchboard. Even Four Tees couldn’t  replace his utility to set up the golf schedule and groupings. I would never call the proshop to arrange my golf, Marty expected me to check in with him and always loved meeting my guests.

– A couple lines from Marty – – miss a makeable putt and he would say “not a dry eye in the house”,  having a tough round – “Who are we kidding, this Club is just an adult playground”, and when catching himself dominating a long conversation, “ a lesson I learned from Mary is that “silence is an option”.

– I’m so glad I saw Marty 4 days before he died. He had asked me to accelerate a trip scheduled for late February. Marty was revered by all, he really cared when asking about your family and friends, never said a bad thing to me about anyone, had the gift of personal connection like no other, had the best bio ever – Rec & Parks Supervisor to a highly successful CEO of a name brand company, and  importantly, didn’t believe in any hierarchies among people.

-Last year, I told Marty I met a guy from Chicago who went to a rival high school, I asked the guy if he heard of Brother Rice, Marty’s school. He said “you mean Brother Nice”. In the old days, he gets decked but I’m more mature now. I subsequently asked Marty if I should have re-introduced him to the ground. Marty laughed and said – “well they did have a bunch of tough guys”.

– Marty will always be my inspiration to be a better person, one who prioritizes the fun part of life  Like 100 others, I felt like Marty was my best friend. 

Lastly, given everything, Mary is clearly a saint!

Chris Callero – FOM

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