Stories from SHGCC Members

Ed Sarraille I’ll always remember the trips with Marty and the “boys” to Ireland, Scotland and England….most of the big laughs we experienced would surely be quite difficult to incorporate into a mixed setting memorial. However, what I will always look back fondly upon is the leader of the pact reminding us after each country,Continue reading “Stories from SHGCC Members”

Mayor Marty – Eulogy by Dave House

Marty was Remarkable – and so much more. I asked about 20 people to give me 4-8 words that describe Marty, I got 150 adjectives.  By and large, they all fit under one theme, I will call that “Mayor Marty”. Charismatic, caring, giving, charming, gregarious, welcoming, people smart, loyal, remembered every name and detail –Continue reading “Mayor Marty – Eulogy by Dave House”